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Caresoft has become a registered software partner of Intel India. Participation in this program provides Caresoft's clients with a portfolio of benefits supporting the entire development life cycle - from planning, to developing, to testing and implementing application. "The IntelĀ® Software Partner Program will give us an edge, with benefits and resources to help us map our business strategies to the latest market opportunities, develop innovative solutions using powerful tools, establish a stronger market presence, and gain greater business success.", said Mr. Rajeev Khare, MD, Caresoft India.

It will allow us to make our products stand out in their class by maximizing their capability and performance on cutting-edge Intel architecture. Caresoft will benefit from a wide range of technical resources that will assist us in each stage of development, including access to development platforms, a wealth of technical resources, and world-class engineering support.", added Mr. Khare

Caresoft and Intel will jointly roll out high-impact programs that capitalize on the power of industry leaders. It will provide customers with an increase sense of satisfaction, that, Caresoft products have been designed for the INTEL platform For more information about Caresoft, please log on to For additional information,

About Caresoft Inc
Headquartered in Edison NJ, Caresoft is a leader in Custom Software Development, Temporary IT Staff Augmentation and Outsourced QA Services. It is known for the highest quality of IT Specialists who have a wealth of experience serving Telecom, Pharmaceutical, Financial and related industries throughout the world.

Caresoft takes pride in the delivery of Operational Excellence, setting ever-improving standards for the software industry. Its Methodologies are derived from leading Industry Think Tanks including 6 Sigma, CMM, IEEE, among others. This dedication to Processes and Methodologies helps Caresoft deliver Consistent Quality on the time, all the time. For more information about Caresoft, please log on to

About Intel
Intel was founded on July 18, 1968 with one main goal in mind: to make semiconductor memory more practical. Intel's first microprocessor, the 4004 microcomputer, was released at the end of 1971. Shortly after the release of the 4004 the 8008 microcomputer was released and was capable of executing twice as many operations per second then the 4004. In 1982, Intel introduced the first 286 chip, it contained 134,000 transistors and provided around three times the performance of the other microprocessors at the time. In 1989 the 486 processor was released that contained 1.2 million transistors and the first built in math coprocessor. In 1993 Intel introduced the Pentium processor, which was five times as fast as the 486, it contained 3.1 million transistors, and was capable of 90 million instructions per second (MIPS). Throughout the years that followed Intel released several lines of processors including the Celeron, the P2, P3, and P4. Intel processors now reach speeds upwards of 2200 MHZ or 2.2 GHZ.

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