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Caresoft Inc. will put a booth about its Hyperion Practice for better Financial Management of Large Global Organizations. Caresoft has a group of experts that specialize in implementing Hyperion in the most complex business environments. Our Hyperion team consists of people with vast experience and from complimentary background. Part of boutique Hyperion implementation, we are a mid-size, highly specialized practice. We handle full life cycle Hyperion implementations as well as smaller adhoc projects in Hyperion components so we have solutions that how an organization can make better its financial management with the Hyperion technology.

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Caresoft takes pride in the delivery of Operational Excellence, setting ever-improving standards for the software industry. Its Methodologies are derived from leading Industry Think Tanks including 6 Sigma, CMM, IEEE, among others. This dedication to Processes and Methodologies helps Caresoft deliver Consistent Quality on the time, all the time. For more information about Caresoft, please log on to

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Humayun Rehan
Manager, Human Capital Development

Caresoft Inc.