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Caresoft announces partnership with Network Solutions for Search Engine Optimization

Network Solutions is the original Internet Registrar. Caresoft will work closely with Network Solutions to optimize its clients' businesses and e-commerce ventures for search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN and others.

Local Search is growing. As per a recent study by Comscore qSearch, 52% of all local searches are done with the intent to buy. Eight out of 10 people will call or visit the store. Approximately 65% of all traffic generated by a search on a search engine will hit the sites listed within the first 10 results (first page) returned.

Deepak Khare, President of CaresoftInc said, "Targeted Site Traffic increases the number of visitors who are actively searching for your products and services. Search Engine Optimization provides highest long term ROI, which can be easily tracked and measured. It provides increased Brand Visibility. It boosts your authority amongst your competitors – letting you stay ahead of the game. It provides Brand Reputation Management and maintains the credibility of your company while helping you control brand perception". Deepak added, "We are excited about this partnership with an Internet Pioneer like Network Solutions. The combined strength of the two companies will provide a one-stop shop for our clients and their SEO needs".

About Caresoft Inc.
Headquartered in Edison NJ, Caresoft is a leader in Custom Software Development, Temporary IT Staff Augmentation and Outsourced QA Services. They have a reputation for providing the highest quality IT Specialists who hold a wealth of experience serving Telecom, Pharmaceutical, Financial and related vertical industries throughout the world.

Caresoft takes pride in the delivery of Operational Excellence, setting ever-improving standards for the software industry. Its Methodologies are derived from leading Industry Think Tanks including 6 Sigma, CMM, IEEE, among others. This dedication to Processes and Methodologies allows Caresoft to deliver Consistent Quality on time, all the time, and on budget. For more information about Caresoft, please log on to

Network Solutions is a Remarkable Company!

As the Internet has evolved, it has leveled the playing field for small businesses. No matter their size, a small business can now utlize the Web to gain advantages that at one time only big business enjoyed – such as the ability to reach customers around the globe. The Internet has created a world of opportunities . . .

At Network Solutions®, they focus on helping small businesses start and market their businesses on the Web, enabling them to realize their dream of self-reliance, entrepreneurship, creativity, and financial independence. We pioneered the service for creating and acquiring specific “web addresses” (known as domain name registration), and today offer a full range of Web-related services. In addition to domain name registration, they offer Web site design and hosting, e-commerce solutions, online security products, and search engine marketing and optimization.

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Humayun Rehan
Manager, Human Capital Development

Caresoft Inc.