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Care Qcms -

An online quality control management system for the Pharma Industry that streamlines the QA teams reporting and allows decision makers to monitor the test process closely. It generates a variety of reports in different formats producing conclusive overall batch results.
Concept Brand-

Concept Brands is a leading manufacturer and distributor of value-priced personal care and household products. The website provides them a venue to showcase the product range they have developed over the years. Concept brand markets its product all over the world via their website.

RTI is a concept of providing complete information from government departments to the citizens of India. This solution is web based and can be used by any department after configuring it with the details. It is a dynamic application that presents data from the database.

A web based solution for the Dairy Industry to control and monitor the testing process of products. It is designed according to the manufacturing process followed in the dairy industry with authority based access to data.

A unique solution for the Mining Industry, CareMines is a complete solution for all QA related activities. As a web based system it incorporates all the advantages that a web application supports. Report generation, audit trail, and online approval process are some of the specific features.
QlikView -

QlikView - the data access solution that analysis and compiles information from a variety of different data sources. CSI provides solutions based on QlikView to its clients as per their needs. Our team is highly skilled in QlikView and can provide any type of solution possible with it.

Arctic (America’s Resource Centre for Talent and Intellectual Capital) is a database of the top 1000 professionals available in the US and is managed by Caresoft. The Caresoft team is in constant contact with these professionals and acts as a bridge to bring the best talent to our clients. .

The smooth flow of accurate information across various departments is critical to the overall function of a Nursing Home. Nursing Home Management Software provides a simplified but comprehensive software package to manage the information needs of a modern facility.

It's an online solution for workflow management. CareWFM allows users to initiate a request and deliver it within the organization for approval at various levels. It can manage the requests generated in the hierarchy and can maintain them within department boundaries.