Promise to Follow Protocol

Promise to Follow Protocol…!

  • Integrity: We stand behind our word and our placements. We will never provide candidates and clients with anything but accurate and unblemished information. Our references vouch for us.

  • Personal Service: Whether by telephone or computer, there is always a way to contact directly the person with whom you want to speak. Relationships come first when you work with Caresoft.

  • Individual Focus: We listen and then we act. Candidates can be assured we will not indiscriminately disseminate their resumes; clients know we will not waste their time with unqualified candidates.

  • Confidentiality: This is part of the bedrock of our service, and we guarantee it to all with whom we work. Without it, we would not be in business.

  • Candor: We will strive to earn your trust everyday.

  • Communication: Regular contact and consultation are essential to making the best possible match. To understand your needs, we always believe in close communication. It is vital in making our responses and activities - to your activities - appropriate, effective, and timely.

  • Creativity: Our efforts involve a fluidity and an adaptability - something more than clichéd "outside the box" thinking - to the changing marketplace, candidate pool, and demands of our clients.