Care QCMS


Ensuring high quality of raw material and finished goods is important to all companies and industries, not least the pharmaceutical industry. To maintain high quality standards, quality control measures are implemented in industry. In non-automated industry, these quality control measures are executed manually and it is a difficult task to synchronize the events. To rectify the problems caused due to lack of coordination, Caresoft Inc has come up with the Care QCMS - Your online QC Lab information Management System. Care Qcms is truly a 100% web based system. Care Qcms does not require any client side installation of software also it doesn't require any server side installation either because we have come up with the new concept in Lab Information system of Software As service(SAS). Care Qcms help you achieve objectives which are different for different people. Owners and Process heads are worried about expenses, employee productivity and customer satisfaction while employee expect less burden of paper work, easy reporting , easy process implementation and easy way of transferring data.

Care Qcms help you address following business and technical objectives.

Business Objectives

  • Improve product and services quality.

  • Improve work processes, efficiencies, and moral and reduce cost.

  • To meet government purchasing policy.

  • Standardize business by giving it a consistent approach to its operations.

  • Minimize fraud.

  • Enabling the business to compete on an equal basis with other competitors.

Technical Objective
  • An effective QCMS has a minimum of paperwork.

  • Login and password protection.

  • Complete logbook of User actions.

  • E- Signature functions for data review and approval.

  • Built in archive and restore function.

  • Meeting Quality standards set by different countries.

We have worked with experienced professionals to get the insight of industry and we worked with them to address the issues and daily problems which become hurdles in your growth.