RPO Services

Offshore RPO

Caresoft Offshore Recruitment Process Outsourcing (Offshore RPO) services are designed to address your end-to-end recruitment outsourcing needs. Outsourcing recruiting activities to Caresoft Inc enables you to significantly increase the effectiveness of your recruiting organization, while dramatically reducing your recruiting costs.

Our strong client-focused approach enables us to provide comprehensive recruitment outsourcing services.

Our offshore recruitment services encompass:

  • Active Sourcing: Search job boards and your internal database to identify appropriate ‘Active Candidates’.

  • Passive Sourcing: Identify ‘Passive Candidates’ and create a database of candidates.

  • Resume Filtering: Filter incoming resumes generated from postings on job boards, referrals, job fairs, traditional media, and agencies.

  • Name Generation: Identify and source passive candidates from well defined lists of targeted companies.

  • Candidate Screening: Conduct preliminary screening to determine qualifications, interest, availability and fit.

  • Candidate Assessment: Administer technical, aptitude and psychometric tests.

  • Recruitment Support: Manage job postings; resume formatting, reference checks, and position parameters.

  • Database Maintenance: Validate and update candidate information in your internal database.

  • Night Works: We Work The Night Shift! Have qualified resumes sourced and ready for your in-house recruiting team to work on at the start of their day.

  • Turnkey Recruitment: Turnkey Recruitment: End-to-end recruiting