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Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

HR Process Offshore Outsourcing or more commonly known as RPO entails "outsourcing of select tasks within the Recruitment process" to an offshore service provider.

  • Recruitment firms, Head Hunters and HR Teams could outsource the back-end activities in their Recruitment Process. These activities could be Web Research, Resume screening and other internet based activities. Outsourcing these activities, enables Recruiter's to devote more time to more value adding activities such as interacting with Candidates and Hiring Manager.

Benefits of outsourcing to us such activities would include

  • Offering a much higher level of customer service by freeing up more of a Recruiters time enabling them to focus on interaction with candidates and hiring managers

  • tapping into Caresoft Innovative resources and tools resulting in an increase in your candidate sourcing capabilities

  • Augment your customer handling capacity thereby increasing the clientele and hence increasing revenue.

  • Reduction of more than 60%-70% in costs of researchers and the cost of infrastructure and other overheads

  • Manage spurts and troughs in business more economically and efficiently without building up permanent overheads.

  • Provide a virtual 24x7 service to clients taking advantage of time zones