RPO Services

Pentad Process

1) Determine and Finalize Specifications
  • Define client's business objectives and the specific requirements
  • Obtain client consensus on the positions scope, responsibilities, and compensation package
  • Establish the reporting relationships and profile of the desired candidate
  • Develop the search plan, review and obtain feedback on the search plan with client
2) Identify and Evaluate Candidates
  • Work in teams for validation to insure quality
  • Screen and evaluate candidates
  • Conduct preliminary screening interview to scale the list of candidates
  • Prepare background profiles
  • Send profiles to client
  • Obtain feedback from client
3) Interviews
  • Perform all scheduling tasks to facilitate client interviews with candidate
  • Obtain post interview feedback from client and candidate
  • Conduct reference checks
  • Notify finalists and schedule additional interviews
  • Obtain feedback from client and candidates
4) Select Winning Candidate
  • Conduct finalist interviews
  • Negotiate salary and benefits
  • Provide feedback to both hiring manager and candidate
5) Follow Up
  • Ensure smooth transition and assimilation for new hire
  • Ensure client satisfaction
  • Provide feedback to both hiring manager and candidate